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1492014 October 11 Exercise Version 1R0.pdf2014 Simulated Emergency Test Exercise PlanDetailed recommendations for participation in the October 11, 2014 Simulated Emergency Test.2014-09-15 19:27:08Download
1512015 San Antonio Fiesta.pdf2015 San Antonio Fiesta SEC PresentationPowerpoint presentation, 2014 Summary, 2015 Goals2015-01-18 05:16:30Download
155NE ARES Dist. 14 SET IAP Final 02 Oct 2015 .pdf2015 Simulated Emergency Test - IAPIncident Action Plan - 2015 SET - NE ARES Dist. 14 (Harris County). SET completed 10 October 2015.2015-10-23 16:43:08Download
65certrodeo5.pdf5th Annual Harris County Cert RodeoThis is an important partnership with a big effort from Districts 1 and 14.2011-03-02 11:03:30Download
93CERT Rodeo_6_IAP.pdf6th Annual Harris County CERT RodeoAnother year that District 1 and 14 have worked together as partners to provide communication for the event2012-02-10 12:47:01Download
123CERT Rodeo_7_IAP.pdf7th Annual Harris County CERT rodeoThe 7th year that District 1 and 14 have worked together as partners to provide communication for the event2013-03-07 07:31:12Download
140CERT_RODEO_8_IAP.pdf8th Annual Harris County CERT RodeoThe 8th annual year that District 1 and 14 have worked together as partners to provide communication for the event2014-02-07 20:56:55Download
157REQUEST FOR INFORMATION COUNTY STRIPS.pdfAMARS AND ARES INTEROPERABILITYTraining for Waller County ARES net 29 July 20162016-07-28 09:43:24Download
88ARES Operations during a Widespread Internet Outage.pdfARES Operations during an Internet outageSome thoughts on implications and strategy for operating during an Internet outage2012-01-22 13:08:44Download
178EPSON008.PDFCERT Supplemental Training: IS-00315FEMA IS-00315 CERT Course2017-05-30 05:53:17Download
902012_29_Jan_WAN_EAP_146840_UnitLog.pdfCity of Houston EOC Net January 2012146.840 Net Unit Log (ICS-214)2012-02-07 18:58:16Download
912012_29_Jan_WAN_EAP_147000_UnitLog.pdfD14 Information Net January 2012147.000 Net Unit Log (ICS-214)2012-02-07 18:59:54Download
148NWHC ARES Net Script Aug 8 2014.pdfDistrict 14, NW Unit ScriptThis is the script for the District 14 NW Unit Sunday night net. It includes the frequencies used for voice and digital check ins.2014-08-09 16:36:40Download
49ARES District 8 Emergency Plan.docDistrict 8 Emergency PlanRevision 1.0 of the district 8 ARES(r) emergency plan2010-07-13 07:46:02Download
163EC-001_Course_Certificate.pdfECC-001 Intro to Emergency CommunicationsAARL course2017-01-05 13:39:41Download
180EPSON010.PDFEOC Management and Operations, IS-00775EOC Management and Operations, IS-007752017-05-30 06:01:30Download
181EPSON011.PDFExternal Affairs Program Liaison, IS-00794External Affairs Program Liaison, IS-007942017-05-30 06:05:27Download
1102012 May 5 STX Solar Storm ics201.pdfICS-201 May 5 exerciseAdditional detail in 2012 May 5th Texas Combined ARES MARS RACES Exercise document.2012-05-03 10:58:44Download
109ics205_TX 05 MAY 2012 ARES MARS RACES.pdfICS-205 for May 5th ARES Exercise.2012-04-30 09:40:12Download
147ICS 213 digital form.txtICS-213 messageLne format that can be usedin digitalmessages.2014-08-06 11:06:58Download
812011&2012IHSapplication.pdfIHS applicationapplication for the IHS February Medical Mission2011-10-05 10:04:43Download
80NewsBreak2011.pdfIHS February Medical Mission press releasseInformation on IHS February Medical Mission2011-10-05 10:03:42Download
179EPSON009.PDFIntroduction to CERT, IS-00317Introduction to CERT, IS-003172017-05-30 05:56:35Download
83EmComm Plan LEON County.pdfLeon County ARES EmComm PlanLeon County ARES EmComm Plan - May 1, 20112011-11-13 22:03:13Download
942012 May 5th Texas Combined ARES MARS RACES Exercise.pdfMay 5, 2012 Combined ARES RACES MARS Exercise Letter of InstructionDetails for this upcoming exercise. It is likely this document will change as we approach the exercise so watch for changes.2012-04-18 15:35:29Download
962011 Winlink webinar.pdfN5TW Winlink Webinar ChartsFrom the 2011 Webinar2012-03-22 15:34:26Download
156IAP April 2016 SET.. 4.12.2016.pdfNE Harris Cty Dist. 14 SET IAP 23April2016Incident Action Plan - Simulated Emergency Test, 23April20162016-04-21 20:56:37Download
892012_29_Jan_WAN_EAP_145370_UnitLog.pdfNorth POD Net January 2012145.370 Net Unit Log (ICS-214)2012-02-07 18:55:58Download
1152012 October 27th Texas Combined ARES MARS RACES Exercise.pdfOctober 27th Texas ARES RACES MARS ExerciseInstructions2012-09-17 09:28:20Download
1422014PS events.pdfPublic Service Events for 2014. Short ListThis is a list of some of the public service events in 2014. PLEASE look it over and volunteer whenever possible. Thank you2014-02-23 16:44:46Download
1382013 WCARES Winlink.pptxRadio only Winlink trainingRadio only training done for Williamson County ARES - focus of training is Williamson county but might be useful elsewhere2013-09-13 13:55:50Download
154WC-ARES_Emergency-Comm-Plan_2015.pdfRev. 15-1 Updated 2/14/15Williamson County ARES Emergency Communications Plan Rev. 15-1 2/14/152015-02-14 09:47:59Download
56ARES Dist 4 SET Report 2010-10-02.pdfSimulated Emergency Test (SET) South Texas ARES DiAn evaluation of the use of Simplex VHF for communications within STX ARES Dist. 4 when repeaters are inoperative or repeater use is impractical because of heavy traffic volume 2010-10-06 11:06:12Download
137STX_ARES_Plan 3.3.pdfSTX ARES Plan 3.3Updated South Texas ARES Plan Document2013-08-26 11:25:31Download
139Texas Rapid Response Task Force Operator Notes version 2.0.pdfTask Force Operator notesOur Texas Task Force teams use portable setups to provide Winlink coverage to affected areas. This document reflects the many WL2K changes in 20132013-12-16 16:27:41Download
87The South Texas ARES Information Depot.pdfThe South Texas Information Depot GuideThis document describes the process for registering and using the section's information depot.2012-01-15 14:46:32Download
61ARES Webb County Plan.pdfWebb County ARES PlanThis is the current Webb County ARES Plan. This document will be subject to changes and modifications as time goes by not to mention field tests and other on going operations.2010-12-29 17:13:55Download
150ARES STANDARDIZED TRAINING TASK BOOK V1.5.pdfWGD Standardized TrainingTask book recommended for use by all STX ARES groups2015-01-09 13:16:34Download
131Winlink Reference Sites Handout 713.docWinlink Reference SitesWinlink references from 7-20-2013 Presentation2013-07-23 21:46:53Download
130wl2k_presentation Harris County 713 Updated 2.pptxWL2KPower Point Presentation2013-07-23 21:44:55Download